Star Wars Eclipse Gameplay Inspired by Last of Us

Twitter user AccountNGT, who have been spot on with their recent leaks and reports, have claimed that Quantic Dream’s Star Wars Eclipse has sought inspiration from Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us.

Quantic Dream’s Montreal studio is reportedly working on gameplay prototypes at the moment, with the aim of having a mix of story and gameplay akin to The Last of Us. The developer’s Paris studio has apparently been tasked with working on cinematics and art, story, and game engine whereas Montreal studio is working on gameplay, level design, and multiplayer.

When will we see Star Wars Eclipse gameplay?

A number of insiders have reported that Quantic Dream is having a hard time recruiting staff following high-profile lawsuits involving workplace misconduct. AccountNGT has also reported the same, adding that Star Wars Eclipse‘s development is further complicated by its game engine. “Many engine features had to be added/modified/extended,” AccountNGT tweeted. “Very (very) ambitious and original project.”

Apparently, Star Wars Eclipse will have more playable characters than any other Quantic Dream game. Development started in early 2021 and its non-linear story is still being written. In light of this, it looks like it’ll be a while before we get to see any gameplay. According to AccountNGT, we can expect “traditional” action gameplay with combat inspired by Respawn Entertainment’s Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.

Opinion: Star Wars Eclipse sounds too ambitious for Quantic Dream

Zarmena writes… That Quantic Dream is scrapping its age-old formula is commendable, but experimenting with a Star Wars title that comes pre-loaded with fan expectations sounds like a disaster waiting to happen. It might have made more sense to develop a new IP that breaks free of the Quantic Dream mold that we’re all used to, as opposed to a high-profile franchise. Oh well…

In other news, Scarlet Nexus devs want to make a sequel, and PS Plus subscribers are a little upset with February’s lineup.


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