The State Of Switch Survey For 2022 Is Live And Wants Your Opinions

Image: Nintendo Life

The Nintendo Switch will soon be 5 years old, which is quite a landmark; it’s still showing incredible momentum and has already outsold the Wii. It’s at that point in the generation where plenty are wondering how much longer it’ll be Nintendo’s main system, and our habits as owners will also be evolving as the library grows.

Also coming into its fifth year is The State of Switch Survey, which is run by Switch Weekly. It typically draws over 10,000 submissions each year, with the 15 minute survey covering topic ranging from your gaming habits, which system iterations you own, your opinion on the system’s durability, features you want to see and much more besides.

The 2022 survey is now live, running until early March with results to be published later in the month. You can access it on this official page or the link at the end.

We reckon it’s well worth taking the time to fill it in, as it could give some interesting data on the current Switch userbase (particularly enthusiasts online), and the community’s views on a broad range of topics.

The question on ‘how many Switch games do you own’ was certainly an eye opener for this scribe, anyway…


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