This Month’s PS Stars Digital Collectible Is Inspired by PS1’s Iconic T-Rex Tech Demo

It looks like one of this month’s PS Stars collectible is a nice digital statue inspired by the iconic PS1 T-Rex tech demo! The demo was a sight to behold at the time, and Sony certainly hasn’t forgotten it. With the PS Stars loyalty program live in Asia, fans are making some cool discoveries (and some not-so-cool ones), and this particular reward is handed to anyone who simply plays a PS4 or PS5 game during the month of October. The program will go live in other territories starting October 5th, so we might be able to snag the T-Rex as well.

T-Rex tech demo PS Stars collectible is “scientifically accurate”

According to a translation of the tweet below by folks over at PlayStation Fanatic (via PushSquare), a description of the collectible states that it’s “a scientifically accurate mini statue of the tech demo T. rex from the original PlayStation.”

At the moment, it looks like you can only view the collectible via the PS App on mobile devices, provided you have an Asian PSN account. PS Stars will be available in the U.S. on October 5th and in remaining territories on October 13th.


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