Ubisoft Is Releasing A New “Dodgeball Multiplayer Party Game” On Switch

Image: Ubisoft

Ubisoft has announced it’s bringing Game Swing’s “new dodgeball multiplayer party game” titled OddBallers to the Nintendo Switch and multiple other platforms next month on March 24.

This party game can be played solo, or multiplayer – and supports up to four players locally and six online.

According to the PR, players will be required to dodge, block and throw items across three unique environments – each of which contains more than 30 different arenas and plenty of minigames. Minigames range from classic modes, last-one standing to wacky competitions such as shaving a sheep with a lawnmower.

In this game there’s only one constant rule: everything is a weapon. For example, your projectile could be a ball, chicken or even a cacti (ouch!). And you’ll be required to do this while avoiding a range of environmental hazards from electric fences to tennis ball launches.

Image: Ubisoft

There’s also customisation for your OddBallers – offering hundreds of outfits, haircuts and accessories to unlock. Would you be interested in playing something like this on the Nintendo Switch? Tell us down below.


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