Video: Boris Johnson Pledges ‘Unconditional’ Support to NATO

new video loaded: Boris Johnson Pledges ‘Unconditional’ Support to NATO



Boris Johnson Pledges ‘Unconditional’ Support to NATO

Prime Minister Boris Johnson of Britain promised additional troops, planes and ships to protect the alliance.

The U.K.’s commitment to European security is unconditional and immovable. And today I have agreed with the secretary general, a package of support to strengthen further our collective security, sending troops, planes and ships to defend NATO from north to south. What I think is going on in Moscow and the calculations that are being made there, I don’t — honestly don’t think a decision has yet been taken, but that doesn’t mean that it is impossible that something absolutely disastrous could happen very soon, indeed. And our intelligence, I’m afraid to say, remains grim. And we’re seeing the massing of huge numbers of tactical battalion groups, battalion tactical groups, on the borders of Ukraine — 70 or more. This is probably the most dangerous moment, I would say in the course of the next few days, in what is the biggest security crisis that Europe has faced for decades.

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