Video: Windsor Mayor Requests Help to Manage Bridge Protesters

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Windsor Mayor Requests Help to Manage Bridge Protesters

The mayor of Windsor, Ontario, requested additional resources and personnel from Canada’s provincial and federal governments to deal with a protest by truckers on the Ambassador Bridge.

I’m concerned about the health, I’m concerned about the safety of our local residents. And to date, these demonstrations and this protest have been, by and large, peaceful and without incident. And I want to commend the men and women of the Windsor Police Service for all that they have done to de-escalate where required, and to maintain security on site. In the past 24 hours, we have spoken with officials at both the provincial and federal governments, and here we are formally requesting additional resources. While we are hopeful the situation can be resolved in the near-term, we need to plan for a protracted protest, and have requested additional personnel to be deployed to Windsor to support our hard-working members of the police service. We are striving to resolve this issue safely and peacefully. My office has already received numerous complaints and calls from local residents and business owners advocating for the demonstrators to be forcibly removed. And while it may be gratifying for some to see the forced removal of the demonstrators, such action may inflame the situation, and certainly cause more folks to come here and add to the protest, and we don’t want to risk additional conflict.

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