Watch Drake’s Son Adonis Tell Dad He’ll Be Bigger Than Him in Adorable Video – E! Online

C’est très adorable and philosophical.

On Friday, Jan. 28, Drake posted an Instagram video of himself having a hilarious conversation with his 4-year-old son Adonis Graham. In the clip, filmed near other people inside the rapper’s lavish Toronto home, the boy asks Drizzy if he is going to be “much bigger” than him.

“I don’t think so,” Drake responds. “You’re pretty tall. Do you think you’re going to be bigger than me?”

Adonis answers, “Yeah. I’m going to be like, old.”

The bilingual child then asks his dad if he wants him to teach him how to speak “en Français” and tells him in French, loosely translated, “Some time, when I am very big…everything will go back to the universe.” When Drake asked what he said, Adonis replied, in English, “When you’re older, then you’re all broken and you’re going to turn back into space.”

“You’re a funny guy!” the rapper commented.


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