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I’m always curious: if your kids hang stockings, what do you put in them? Here are 10 things we love, other than the valet parking sign that blew eight-year-old Toby’s mind …

Stocking Stuffers

Airport activity book. Your little dudes will stay busy with this book, whether they’re taking a flight or not.

Mini cereals. I have such a visceral childhood memory about these! Never not a total win with kids.

Stocking Stuffers

Yoyo. Anton got a yoyo on our summer vacation and played with it morning, noon and night. Everyone begged for a turn, even my 71-year-old dad.

Stocking Stuffers

Headlamp. For reading under the covers, talking evening walks, playing hide-and-seek, pretending to be a spy/mountain climber/cave explorer.

Stocking Stuffers

Mood ring. A classic.

Stocking Stuffers

Sleuth & Solve books. Legitimately very fun riddles and logic puzzles to figure out together. Anton and I try to work on these out as slowly as possible, like savoring a favorite chocolate bar.

Stocking Stuffer

Map. This map may seem academic and unfun on first glance, but my kids LOVE it and spend ages poring over all the states and planning future road trips.

Stocking stuffers

Magic 8 Ball. For when you finish playing M.A.S.H.!

stocking stuffer

Label maker. What child DOESN’T want to label everything in the house? Very satisfying and also time-consuming. (Check, check.)

Stocking Stuffers

Pajamas for sweet evenings.

What ideas have worked well for the kids in your life? Would LOVE to hear…

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