Why I’m Excited For Dying Light 2

When I played the original Dying Light back in 2019, I personally found it disappointing. The parkour and combat were interesting, but not enough to make up for the lackluster objectives. So when Dying Light 2 was announced, I kept an ear out for potential improvements, but remained largely uninterested. However, when the Gamescom trailer was released, what I saw made me very excited.

Techland studios before felt like they were experimenting and scratching the surface of the potential. Now those cautious scrapes of potential have been forgotten in place of a sledgehammer, ready to smash it open. The parkour moves have doubled from the previous game, giving players more ways to traverse the more vertical open world. And the combat seems to incorporate parkour moves much more. Where the original had a focus on planning and carefully maneuvering to stay off the streets, Dying Light 2 asks how you’re going to plant your foot on the enemy’s skull.

The art and world have also managed to find their groove and be different from other post apocalypse titles. As described by the creators, this world is in a “Modern Dark Age,” emphasized with scrap axes, hangings, and plague doctor outfits. Overall this shows the game as an incredibly promising experience.

You can preorder Dying Light right now by visiting the official site. Dying Light 2 will release on December 7, 2021.


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