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The Xbox Gamescom 2021 Showcase was packed with information on games coming soon. There were new trailers and updates for games coming and games that are already out as well as one surprise reveal. Continue reading to see everything that was shown off from today’s showcase.

Dying Light 2

Dying Light 2 kicked off the Xbox Gamescom Showcase with a gameplay trailer that showed off the parkour aspects of the game. There were some new items shown off including a parachute and brass knuckles. According to the developers, there are twice as many parkour moves as Dying Light. The parkour moves can be comboed into attacking enemies. Dying Light 2 is due out December 7, 2021 across the Xbox family of consoles.

Microsoft Flight Simulator

September 7th marks the release of World Update 6 for Microsoft Flight Simulator which are going to cover Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. There will be new updates for landmarks and Points of Interests for the region. There will be some new landing challenges and discovery flights for the area as well. Then later this year, the Top Gun content including new fighter jets will launch along with the release of the movie. There’s more to come on that when the movie finally gets shown.

Microsoft Flight Simulator will also start adding regionally famous planes to celebrate them and bring them to the world. They’re starting with a German plane, the Junker JU-52 from the 1930’s. The developers have gone into these planes with scanning equipment and are making the planes as realistic as possible.

Humble Games Partnership

More games are coming soon to Game Pass (shocking I know). This time, Xbox has partnered with Humble Bundle to bring those games. Some of the included titles are Archvale and Dodgeball Academia. So if you are a fan of indies this should make you very excited.

Age of Empires IV

Trebuchets are coming to Age of Empires IV. Who doesn’t want to launch a 90 kg projectile over 300m? The game is going to launch on Xbox Game Pass on PC and Steam on October 28th, 2021. According to the developers, there will be more shown off tomorrow at Opening Night Live.

Wasteland 3

The Cult of the Holy Detonation is new DLC coming to Wasteland 3. It launches October 5th. You’ll be exploring a secret military base in Cheyenne Mountain. There will be choices on who lives and who dies as you explore the military base and fight the waring cults. The DLC is going to be a dungeon crawl with big boss battles that have objectives to complete. Those missions won’t end until those objectives are complete.

Wasteland 3 is available to download now on Xbox Game Pass. You can buy the expansion pass which includes the previously released DLC and The Cult of the Holy Detonation when it releases on October 5th for $19.99.

Sea of Thieves

There’s a new ship coming to Sea of Thieves. The Mayhem ship is a crossover with Borderlands. You’ll be able to unlock this ship during the live event during Gamescom. You have August 24th-September 7th to complete the event if you would like to unlock the ship. Just head to any outpost and start the Making Mayhem event to unlock it.

State of Decay 2

On September 1st, a new State of Decay 2 update entitled Homecoming is coming. There will be a new map in Trumbull Valley allowing you to move your community into the location that launched with Heartland. This is a sequel to that Heartland update where stories will continue and wrap up. There will be new weapons and items exclusive to the map as well as new bounty packs for the area. It will be a free update for players.

Stray Blade

A new game, Stray Blade, from 505 Games is launching in 2022 on the Xbox Series X|S. It’s an action RPG where you explore a valley and try to restore balance to the land. The combat seems Souls-esque. There are multiple weapons and armor types. Exploring the land nets you more recipes, weapons, and other treasures. Upon dying, enemies respawn, however if you destroy an encampment for instance, there might be new enemies waiting for you.

Crusader Kings III

Crusader Kings III is coming to Xbox Series X|S. This marks a continuation of typically PC only games making their way to consoles. We’ve seen Civilization VI make it’s way in recent years as well as CRPGs such as Divinity: Original Sin 1&2, and the older Baldur’s Gate games. More information will be coming in the future, including the launch date of the game.

The Gunk

The Gunk was shown off at the Xbox show during 2020. They didn’t show too much more at the Xbox Gamescom Showcase, but there was a new trailer for the game. It showed off a little more exploration, potential puzzles, and enemies. There does seem to be a reference to a potential companion character as well. More to come on this in the future.

[Update: No mention of the release date in the trailer, but according to the description at the bottom of the trailer on Xbox’s YouTube Channel, The Gunk will release in December of 2021.]

There wasn’t too much new stuff shown during the Xbox Gamescom 2021 Showcase, though we did get one new game in Stray Blade. We will be continuing coverage of all the games, updates, and DLC’s that are coming to the games shown. Also check out our coverage of the Destiny 2 showcase.

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