Xbox’s Modern Warfare 2 Disc Calls CoD Best-Selling Franchise on PlayStation

Sony’s marketing deals have gone too far – so far that it’s mandating Activision to label Call of Duty the “best-selling franchise on PlayStation” on Xbox’s Modern Warfare 2 disc cover! I’m kidding, but this cover is real. Apparently, the Canadian physical edition of the game has what appears to be a mistranslation that somehow replaces Xbox with PlayStation on the back cover. I find it a little too funny to not share this, considering both Microsoft and Sony are engaged in a bit of a tussle over the franchise.

Misprinted Modern Warfare 2 disc could turn into a collector’s item

It looks like the misprint only appears in the Canadian physical versions of the game, as pointed out by CharlieIntel, who found the cover making rounds on the Xbox Series X subreddit. In response to the website’s tweet below, Twitter user DeleteNero verified the image and found the same mistranslated copies in their store as well.

I’m assuming someone at Microsoft will be on the phone with the translation company, asking them to reprint the back covers at their own cost and have them delivered to retailers. In the meantime, I can see this turning into a collector’s item.


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