YAKUZA Judgment (GAME REVIEW) (for PS5)

YAKUZA Judgement game review

You should know that Judgment is, in fact, a spin-off from the popular Yakuza series. That targets a specific segment of players by placing them in the mould of detailed Japanese Life and usually: in the shoes of one of the well-known Yakuzas  one of the families running the underworld of Japan. And perhaps we have seen the success of a game Like Yakuza Like A Dragon. Although it puts us in the shoes of a completely new hero and split from the series with some more unique mechanics. But Judgment is different in form and content than any Yakuza game you know.

Yes, from the development of the same team: Ryu Ga Gotoku and SEGA publication. Yes, its events occur in the same world of the Yakuza series that we are familiar with. Still, Judgment has some elements and ingredients that we can consider. As a title whose goal is to renew the blood of the series from the known form—more complex and more RPG interest.

A story about Yakuza …!

Judgment the story of  a gang PS5
Judgement the story of a gang (gametalks)

For the first time, Judgment puts you in the shoes of Takayuki Yagami, a former lawyer who decided to leave the legal profession after pleading to plead guilty to actual murder. To turn to an investigator who owns his own office through which he manages the most critical cases entrusted to him with the help of his friend Kaito. One of the untouchable Yakuzas. We liked the idea of ​​playing with a new character and a different template than usual because it simply would open new horizons for the developer through which he could incorporate new mechanics into the playing style. And this is what happened.

Returning to the story, one day, Yagami is entrusted with a severe case of trying to acquit one of the leaders of a famous family of Yakuzas who was accused of murder. Only to find Yagami himself in a grand cycle of problems and completely unexpected events that will subsequently scourge with the underworld of Japan until he reaches the truth. 

Detective Conan of the Yakuza series.

In terms of the story, what should we say? What distinguishes the Yakuza series from any other Japanese series. In general, is the period of its investment in the main characters. Their motives, their tendencies, their fictional background, and the focus on it to feel that you are in a Japanese drama action or series that serves excellent music. Especially those that start at the front of the game.

We found ourselves passionate about the presented story and the role of Yagami in it, and the fate of some in it. It is beautiful that the style of the dialogues is returning. Still, unfortunately, we did not feel with him that he was advancing or delaying the events. Instead, we can consider that Judgment’s circumstances, in general, are considered to be somewhat sinful against which an idea is not served. The decisions were made mainly, but it was replaced by another component, which we will talk about later.

The story is told in general through solving the leading cases. There are other sub-issues to sharpen your talent in it more, the idea that we were afraid of the opinion that we play with a lawyer. Who does not know the martial arts that are the core of the Yakuza series in the first place. Until we found it attacking one of them with quick strikes similar to the ones he does Bruce Lee. So this would be a good excuse for us to accept the fact that a lawyer has all these fighting abilities in his pocket. This point counts for the character-building worker and thus clinging to it. Add to all of that that Yagami has charisma. What will make you stick to him is what created a convincing scenario and plot.

An extraordinary lawyer!

We will not go into the gameplay before we talk about the developments with Judgment without the rest of the parts. First, the game focuses on all the investigative elements that you might expect from a game that we may repeat. Maybe similar to a game like Sherlock Holmes Crimes and Punishments. However, we still insist that the investigation directive into that game reminded us of many of the very underrated fun Murdered Soul Suspect.

Yagami can disguise, for example, to reach new places that make it easier for him to get the truth. Perhaps the new feature is the idea of ​​using drones to comb the square from the top and reach evidence from the air. In addition that created in itself specific issues that required its use, which is an excellent thing. As you know about me, you love the game that employs its elements Appropriately placed instead of just putting it here and peace.

You can also comb the area to ask about someone and investigate him by asking passers-by. Or even compare his picture with a picture of the suspect that you carry with you in your hand. And fulfil some of the conditions that must be present in the suspect to locate him at a point. That directly reminded us of the principle of rapid analysis that Holmes performs in Any of his games.

After listening to everyone related to the issue that you solve. You must start collecting evidence and linking them together to reach a particular result that enables you to accuse a specific person or object. To the course of a case and the accompanying method of dialogues. That the game tries to make you invest in it by choosing the optimal questions that are related to each other .To maintain your momentum. 

This method didn’t convince us enough.

Of course, there is no detective without the idea of ​​tracking and walking after someone. The mechanical one that we have not seen any developer master for a moment, unfortunately. Still, Judgment frustrated us more because it is so messy and faked in a way that reminds us of PS2 and PC games. So you have to maintain a certain distance between you and the person you follow so that you do not get into trouble. Doubts, and this is through the use of some places to hide, to find that the limited role of artificial intelligence. Here is limited to the character turning back to make sure that there is no one following him even though the city streets are already crowded. Still, the genuine cry of laughter was when we were sitting cross-legged next to a car to protect it from the gaze of that character. To be surprised at how suspicious we looked in the first place while sitting in this position. In the middle of the street without any goal in front of the eyes of passers-by!!

The lawyer who hides a lot of tricks up his sleeve!

As for the fighting style, it is the funniest, most deadly, and most satisfying to us than the irrational role-playing system. That we used “Like A Dragon,” in simple terms, the fighting in Judgment is free to flow and accessible as our heroes have two fighting styles. Each of them with different awe-inspiring movements, the first of which is the Crane. Which is a style that deals with numerical majority and tiger style for one-on-one head-to-head combat.

Mr. Yagami is agile, fast and his movements in general never cease to amaze us. As he can jump on walls, punch and kick very neatly, jump over opponents and knock them off. Of course, all this is mixed with Animations and Excellent Finishers that blends nicely with the idea of ​​using environmental elements to your advantage. So you can catch With anything to hit your opponent and then prepare for it. Add to that that everything in the world is breakable, which gives a more adrenaline feel. Where the fighting feels unusually arcade and needs the exact Combos to enjoy it. But the skill tree is the one that dazzled us the most.

For any action you do in Judgment, you will get Skill Points or SPs. That you will use to continuously improve the character by purchasing new skills from a list of 126 skills that serve each of them in a different style of play. Meaning that the fight will remain vital and will renew with you continuously for an extended period. 

Unlock all the skills.

Finally, as usual, the Yakuza series that loves details, retrieving your life points is not an easy and automatic thing. As much as you have to do it logically by buying food from the market, eating lunch, or buying resources. That help you in the fight in general, especially the arched part of it.

To conclude the fighting paragraph, we have to talk about the new chasing system that includes within it a lot of quick-time events or Quick Time Events that require your quick wit. In general, to catch up with the suspect while trying to avoid colliding with pedestrians in crowded city streets in a fine addition flawed by the way Yagami takes In running and animations that come to us from the world of PS2. Not PS5, and yes, we know that Yakuza has a unique character, but we wished for development as well.

What Judgment is good at plunging into its horrific interactive world!

Judgment the story of a gang (game review ) PS5
Judgement the story of a gang (gametalks)

The events of the game take place in the city of Kamurocho, in which the series took place before, well. What this series mastered. The thing that still makes it stand on its feet until this moment is the extent of Yakuza’s ability to put you inside the mold of Japanese society. And interact with it in various natural, detailed, and very logical ways of Life. At the same time.

From the design of the game’s vibrant world to the utmost degree to creating this detailed environment. Judgment is no different from its predecessors. There is nothing better than wandering the streets of Kamurocho, especially at night. The loud atmosphere, the music that goes out from every restaurant. And the bright lights with the diffuse neon made us feel terrible. As if we’re walking in our city, the game succeeded in forcing us to explore instead of being bound by the main tasks. Due to the extent of interaction that you will not find like in any other game with an enormous number of NPCs kissing the game of Life.

In Kamurocho, you can do anything like sipping a quick coffee or eating lunch, shopping, talking to strangers. Which may open up a new cause for you in providing excellent side quests and activities that you can do and the most beautiful is rewarding you with SP when you check out a specific meal, visit a teacher, or talk. For a particular person, to have the constant motivation to explore around you. Perhaps the new feature is the ability to decorate your office itself in a good addition and use the phone as a gateway to move quickly and easily to the most prominent parts of the game.

Mini-games without Yakuza, there is no game!

One of SEGA’s most significant innovations is the reality is a mini-game mode adapted from real old games inside the main game. At Judgment, we spent hours and hours playing a game similar to House of The Dead, Street Fighter, and other games that brought back fond memories.

Finally: the graphics and experience on the PS5!

Yes, the PS5 version provided 4K display resolution, the frame rate is almost smooth, it does not fall below the fixed 60fps, except that the graphics of the game are generally the same as the whole Yakuza series: “graphically poor” and we repeat that we know that this is its character that you tend to. Still, we honestly expected more exploitation of the capabilities of PS5 Graphical, at least.

The problem with very poor textures on 4K TV will show you these problems quickly. Sometimes we found some loaded surfaces at the moment for some strange reason. The game seems to us hungry for more anisotropic filtering that may somewhat refine things because it comes down to fingers. The characters themselves, who appear very poorly despite the effort shown in the face graphics, but otherwise, feel that the studio is bored afterward and does not care about the rest of the details even though the quality of the materials, such as the clothes, looks fantastic.

In terms of Terrain Quality, it may appear at first glance excellent until the camera approaches the ground to be surprised by the painful thing, and speaking about the features of the PS5 itself, we did not find the game exploiting the capabilities of Dualsense at all, the bright and excellent side of the truth lies in the loading screens, which reached only two seconds with a better lighting system that appears clearly when night falls.

“In general, Judgment is still an excellent experience as a lover of this kind of game. We are disappointed by the lack of use of the PS5 and its strength with the problems of some investigative elements. However, it is still an experience that you should go through in your spare time without a doubt.”


The story: 8.5

Gameplay and fighting style: 9

World design: 9.5

Graphics and music: 7

Exploiting the capabilities of the PS5: 6.5


A perfect story with depth and narrative, solid background for the characters

Very lethal and satisfying fighting style

Diverse skill tree playing style

New detective ideas Caldron

Emphasis on analysis, linking of evidence, and the detective factor in general.

An incredibly interactive world pulsing with Life

Fun side quests and a great system that guarantees your passion for them

Rocket loading screens

Steady performance at 60fps


The style of the dialogues is prosaic

The method of chases is sterile

The traceability factor is ancient and offers nothing new

Graphics are often poor

(PS5 Judgement trailer)



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