You’ll Never Guess the Cringe-Worthy Question Francia Raisa Asked Hilary Duff When They First Met – E! Online

The Grown-ish actress appeared shocked by the host’s question. “Girl, you’ve had babies and you don’t know what a mucus plug is?” She replied. “Apparently, when you pee, it comes out and it’s that sign that you’re about to go into labor.” 

Defending her lack of birthing terminology, Kelly explained, “I had c-sections! That sounds disgusting.”

Francia continued, “That’s the first thing I asked Hilary. Like, ‘Hi! Nice to meet you. Did your mucus plug fall out yet?'” 

Trying to explain away her embarrassment, the actress added, “I was so excited to learn something new and I was so nervous—it was Hilary Duff!” 

According to the actress, Hilary took the cringe-worthy question all in stride, saying, “She laughed and she was like, ‘No! Thank you for asking!” 

Now, the actresses, who play best friends on How I Met Your Father, look back at their first encounter and laugh. “We talk about it now and she was 24,” Francia said. “So she was just like, ‘I was just excited that someone my age knew what that was!”


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